Blow your enemies' city to rubble,
build your metropolis to reach the heavens.

This means war!
An exciting strategy card game for 2-4 players.

Blow your enemies' city to rubble!
This means war!
An exciting strategy card game for 2-4 players.

Coming in 2020. Watch for updates.

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The Game

game box

Can you withstand the blows of your aggressors?
Can you tear down their walls, and bring their city to ruin?
They fired the first shot.


Take on the role of Grafmarshall as you lead your city to victory! Featuring lush illustrations by Panagiotis Vlamis, This Means War! blends modern warfare imagery with 1950's American military propaganda.

This Means War! comes with 138 high detailed, poker sized cards, 16 custom dice and 140 tokens. Made for 2-4 players to play and enjoy.

Strategy comes into play by knowing when to strike and where to hit. Victory comes when none remains to stand against you. Act wisely-your city depends on you to survive!

How to play

The four types of resources - Ammo, Army, Labor and Research - fuel your Orders. Gather resources each turn, and choose between biding your time and reserving your resources, or launching a continual onslaught to wear down your opponents. As you gather your resources and scope out your enemy, use strategy and wits to either conquer the battlefield or barricade yourself against your foes.

base cards

Operation cards are your primary way to victory, allowing you to outright attack the enemy, disrupt their resources, rebuild your own fortifications, or boost your resources further. Espionage cards allow you to sabotage your opponent on their turn, disrupting their Orders. Each turn, you may choose between playing or recycling a card. In an act of desperation, a player can mulligan their entire hand and start anew, with a slight disadvantage.

operation cards

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